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Doug Neace

Doug Neace began his career in broadcasting in 1984 as a DJ and Sales Representative.  He got his start in Hazard Kentucky, the same area in which he grew up in.  A graduate from MC Napier High School with numerous training in broadcasting from several colleges, he began his professional career with WJSN-FM in 1991.  He was hired by the station to be a DJ, Sales Manager, and Sports Director.  During his years as a Sports Director he broadcast two state championship high school football games, on in 1995 and the other in 1996.  After the station began to become more and more popular he decided to let go of his duties as Sports Director in 1999 and being to focus more on sales and his shows and take the job of News Director.  He currently has a variety of shows including The Morning Show, which he has been a part of since his arrival at the station in 1991, Sports Talk which began in 2000 and To The Point which began to air in 2003.  He also has done numerous remotes throughout the years.

Doug's Shows

The Morning Show



Sports Talk



To The Point



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